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Provo Futbol Academy


Provo Futbol Academy is a community-based program that emphasizes diversity, integrity, respect, discipline, and hard work by providing a competitive environment for the proper development of each individual. Ludwig Sanchez and the other coaches create a positive atmosphere and emphasize personal development for each player.  Many clubs hype up copying professional programs, but they don't necessarily achieve this level of development, nor do they understand the unique cultural challenges of our community.  We develop both individual players and teams, allowing everyone to compete at the highest level possible.  We do not monetize on player or parent dreams.  

Technique first, then tactics


No technique=no tactics.  Our principal focus is developing the fundamentals of soccer in each individual so when the time comes they understand the tactics of the game.  Players can't be pushed to perform certain formations if they haven't learned and mastered the basic principles of soccer.

Ludwig Sanchez, Director of Coaching


Director Ludwig Sanchez has coached hundreds of players throughout the years, providing playing opportunities for players from all backgrounds.  Many of his first generation players have been recruited by college programs, and some have been very close to going pro. Ludwig provides the best environment possible for such development, focusing on providing positive experiences for the players. Soccer is a powerful tool that builds character and personality, and Ludwig encourages each player to build a life based on solid principles.  Everything else is cherries on top.



Jamie — Vineyard


"Ludwig has an amazing ability to make the drills he runs during training so relevant to the game of soccer that his athletes can easily apply what they learn in practice and skills training to improve their game play. I also love that he not only trains athletes, but he also does a lot to encourage his athletes to follow his example and be positive contributors to their community."

Karina — Orem


 "Our family really enjoys having our son trained by Ludwig. He is very experienced, and he transmits his knowledge and skills to the boys and the team. He teaches and implements very important personal qualities through soccer that will help them as athletes and in their personal growth."

Alan — Lindon


 "Ludwig holds the players accountable for both their soccer performance and their personal behavior on and off the field.  One of the foundation principles of the team is humility.  I have never heard him be demeaning to any player.  He only instructs to help the players improve." 



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There are only few B licensed coaches in Utah.  We are fortunate to have 

Ludwig Sanchez direct the development of our soccer community.

TRYOUTS 2019-2020

$12 tryout fee - Tryouts at Grandview Elementary: 1591 N Jordan Ave., Provo Ut.

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Provo Futbol Academy

1591 N Jordan Ave, Provo, Utah 84604, United States